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3 navajo rugs

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Oriental Rug Repair Company is also doing business as Navajo Rug Repair Co.  We began over three and a half decades ago in Tucson as a source for quality Oriental rug repair, cleaning and appraisals.  Because many people were requesting us to repair and clean their Navajo rugs, we adapted our techniques of repairing kilims (flatwoven Oriental rugs) to that of the uniquely woven Navajo rug.  Committed to being the very best in the country, we extensively studied the subject of Navajo rugs and accumulated the largest variety of wool yarns and dyes in the US used for the restoration of Navajo rugs.  Over the many years, we have earned an unequaled reputation for quality.  The repair and restoration of Navajo rugs now accounts for most of our rug repair and restoration business.  We hope that you will remember Oriental Rug Repair Company as the premier source for quality Navajo rug repair, cleaning and appraisals as well as that for your Oriental rugs.  Please call or e-mail ( with your questions.

Please browse our other pages by following the links to the left.  Some of our pages are about the repair, restoration, cleaning and appraisal of Navajo rugs and blankets, Oriental rugs and kilims.  Other pages provide information for the care of Navajo rugs, Zapotec rugs and Chimayo weavings, prevention of moth damage to your Oriental and Navajo rugs, and the history of Navajo rug weaving.  Another page shows a map of the Navajo reservation with regional trading post rug weaving areas.  There is also a glossary page that provides two or three Navajo rug definitions every few weeks and there is another page with Oriental rug terms.  A page describes our appraisal services and other pages recommend some books about Navajo rugs or Oriental rugs.  Please take a look at our page about determining a genuine Navajo rug from a fake rug.  And view the photo of our shop showing where we do some of our work on Navajo rugs, Oriental rugs and area rugs.  Lastly, there are pages that provide links to our Internet friends, many of whom handle Navajo rugs, Oriental rugs or Native American Indian art.

Notice:  We will continue to provide appraisals in the future but we are no longer taking on any repair or cleaning jobs due to our upcoming retirement.  Unable to find a buyer to continue operating the business, we will be selling equipment, tools and the largest variety of wool yarns used for restoration in the US . In addition we will be selling approximately 140 Navajo rugs, numerous books and unusual items beginning Saturday, February 20th and continuing until all is gone.  10:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Saturday.


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