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We offer the proper rug cleaning services for your Navajo rug.  Since each rug is different than the next, each requires different handling.  We operate a "Custom Shop" so your Navajo rug is cleaned according to its own requirements.  We provide the experienced rug cleaning service necessary to insure a beautiful, damage-free job with no abrasion, dye run or shrinkage problems.  All the Navajo rug cleaning is done right here in our shop and is personally supervised by me, the owner. 

Each Navajo rug is carefully analyzed by me as to yarn fiber content, construction, age, fragility and colorfastness.  The cleaning procedure is adjusted for each rug, assuring the best and most beautiful results.  Once your Navajo rug has been inspected, every stain is individually treated before the entire rug is cleaned in the appropriate, pre-determined manner.  Once finished, the rug or blanket is re-inspected for any remaining stains and is made ready for you to pick up or to have it delivered or shipped back.

Of course we clean Oriental rugs and other area rugs as well.  Please contact us with any questions.

Serving the world as well as the Tucson area.  Please see our shipping information page at:

Our long-term commitment to quality service assures the most beautiful results, trouble-free for you.

Navajo rugs

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