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Quality Repair, Cleaning and Appraisal of Navajo and Oriental rugs


Tapestry Restoration

A fine tapestry requires first class restoration.  To the end, we provide the finest tapestry repair and restoration services in the United States.  We utilize the finest materials, techniques and skill to restore your tapestries properly, thereby adding both aesthetic and monetary value.

Each tapestry sent to us is examined to determine the appropriate repair, whether it be "conservation," "restoration," "repair" or perhaps not work at all.  The correct restoration adds to the value of the tapestry while incorrect work does more harm than good.  Unqualified restorers can damage the tapestry with unskilled, poor quality and unsightly repairs.  Others may do improper or more costly work than is suitable for the tapestry.  Our approach is different; we perform the type or repair work that is right for each tapestry while keeping within each customer's wishes.  Oftentimes, the tapestry requires removal of the original lining, cleaning and mothproofing and the re-addition of the lining. 

Upon receipt of your tapestry, we will contact your with our recommendations and exact price quote.  The decision to proceed is yours and there is no charge for repair evaluations.

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