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Moth Proofing of Navajo Rugs, Oriental Rugs and area rugs

Please visit our page about Moths, carpet beetles and destructive insects and carpetbeetles.htm.

We sell the mothproof product in quart and gallon bottles.  It is very effective and safe to apply on Navajo rugs.  The concept of this product is that it leaves a dry coating on the fiber (as opposed to a sticky residue).  When the larvae hatch from the egg, it eats a little bit of the coated fiber, ingesting some of the chemical and dies by way of dehydration.  The mothproofing has no odor, will not out-gas, will not change the color or texture of the rug and is, theoretically, effective until the rug is next cleaned.  We usually sell it as a powder within the bottle whereby you add water, shake and apply.

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Navajo rugs

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