Three Navajo rugs

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3 navajo rugs

Navajo Rug and Oriental Rug Appraisal


Testimonials about Navajo Rug Appraisal Co.

Below are some examples of what our customers have to say about us.  We appreciate the positive feedback and our customers' good thoughts.  Thank you.


Just a thank you very much on the verbal appraisals.  I was very satisfied with the careful and considerate conversation we had.  You answered all my questions and I could tell you really knew what you were talking about.   I would recommend you very highly to anyone who wants to know what they have.  I was impressed with your depth and breadth of knowledge.

Cherry Emerson, Ph.D. Anthropology  

you may use any of this recommendation in any advertisement you want.

 thanks again

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that your suggestion to clean my oriental rug fringe with vinegar, water and dishwashing deterg. worked like a dream! Yesterday, I cleaned the dingy part, putting a plastic trash sack under the fringe and blotted it with a bath towel and left the towel on it overnite. This am, the cleaned fringe blends in with the rest of the "cleaner" fringe and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you very much! Bev from ST. Charles, Mo.

Hello, James,

We have received the two Tabriz rugs that you verbally appraised, and I thought you might be interested in the results.

The rugs look fine, no stains or color runs, just a few wrinkles that seem to be flattening out with no problems. The difference between the wide and narrow ends is no more than an inch in each. Also, in each, the medallion is no more than ¾” off center, measuring lengthwise. As far as width goes, they are centered. The rugs look to be the 324 KPI you mentioned, or 18 x 18.

One rug, 6’ 8” x 10’ 1”, or about 67.13 sq. ft., was priced at $2600.50, or $38.74 per sq. ft. (I realize that, because of the slight variance in width, that these measurements are not completely accurate.)

The other, referred to as a “Master Weave,” not signed, but of better design quality than the other, measures 6’ 9” x 9’ 11”, or about 66.96 sq. ft. At a price of $3801.85, it is $56.78 per sq. ft.

We feel both rugs are a fair value, and plan on keeping them, assuming they flatten out satisfactorily in the next few days.

The Indian Tabriz-pattern runner lies straight and shows no pile distortion. It is fairly, but certainly not bargain-priced at $950. It does fit our hall, so we will probably keep that one also.

Your verbal appraisal was of great help to us. We will certainly mention you to friends.

Thank you,

Name Withheld per customer's request.

Mr. Stilley-

I am so pleased with my clean Navajo rug.  Thanks

Mary Anne C....

October 22, 2004
Dear Jim,

Thanks for your time today, and for your appraisal of the large Navajo rug my husband and I are considering buying.  Your evaluation was very enlightening.  As I said earlier, having tow novice Easterners going out West to buy art is a dangerous situation (for the Eastherners).  So your input and experience is most helpful to us.
I appreciate your thoughtful assessment, Jim. If one day we make it out West again and come through Tucson, we'll surely stop by to see your complex in person.  Again, many thanks

Irene S. Lott

Many thanks Jim
for the good work

Bill D...., Las Cruses, NM

Dear Jim and Jane:

Thank you so much for all you did to repair our wall hanging.  As discussed with Jane/Ursula, I am mailing you a check for **** which includes the actual work and the insurance. 

The rug looks just great!  Thank you also for the tips about hanging it.  It has been a pleasure working with you on this.  If anyone we know has a similar problem with a wall hanging or rug, we will definitely recommend your work. 



Hi James,

I received my expertly repaired  little Navajo rug today!! It looks fabulous. I can't begin to tell you how pleased and happy I am with the results!!! I am looking forward to enjoying it every day.
Again, thank you so much.

Bettina Sirico

Dear James – I hope you saw the Crownpoint Rug Auction story on  It was beautiful!  Great story.  Absolutely one of the best contributions I have ever had.  Required VERY light editing.  The pictures were great. Please bill me via email…the check will be in the mail immediately.

Excellent job. I would certainly be interested in receiving more stories from you, particularly about Navajo weaving techniques, patterns and history.

Thank you again.

Lissa Wyman
Editor and publisher

Hi James,
we are in receipt of the rug. I guess it was at our PO Box a few days
before we thought of checking there. Looks and smells great! Also,
thanks for the verbal valuation done earlier.

Nice Job.

David & Deborah Lemieux
Stonegate Antiques
PO Box 461
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Hi James,

I have been meaning to send you a thank you note ever since receiving the Ganado rug over a month ago, but our daughter's impending wedding - with all of the associated craziness - had interfered!

My husband and I are extremely happy with the rug and just wanted to let you know! It came out beautifully!!!!!!!!!1 I am going to pass your name on to an Arizona Navajo rug dealer with our kudos and high recommendations attached!

I have a very small Gallup throw that I also bought while in Arizona this past June that I will send your way for a cleaning once the wedding has passed (Oct 30th) and life becomes sane again.

Again, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb Lemieux

May 7, 2002

Thank you so much for hte beautiful repairs on our three Indian rugs.  We enjoy them daily.

Best wishes -
M. Freyer

I just received the rugs from you. They are fantastic! Thanks for such a nice transaction for such nice items.

Thank you so much.
you were very helpful.
Mary Ann Rogers

Dear Jim,

Thanks for your time today, and for your appraisal of the large Navajo rug my husband and I are considering buying.  Your evaluation was very enlightening.  As I said earlier, having two novice Easterners going out West to buy art is a dangerous situation (for the Easterners).  So your input and experience is most helpful to us...

...I appreciate your thoughtful assessment, Jim.  If one day we make it out West again and come through Tucson, we'll surely stop by to see your complex, in person.  Again, many thanks.


...It looks fabulous, you did an awesome job repairing my Navajo rug!!!

Many thanks again

Dear James,

Thank you for the estimate.  Appreciate the info.  Best,  Michael

Dear ones-
The rug is magnificenet! It coudl not be better with so much _?_ and elegant coloration.
       Thanks so very much,
We are so blessed to have you in Tucson.
Laurie Dryden


Dear Jim,
Thank you for your appraisal on Sept 3rd.  I appreciate your help in this matter on such a short notice.  Obviously, I didn't take the rug in question.
Maybe you could help me find a real Persian bokhara about 5x7* with the right colors.
Joanne Garver
* or smaller


Just a note to thank you for your appraisal & other work involved with resolving our insurance claim on the Navajo rug.  Your very professional service is very much appreciated!

Best regards,

Mark Craig


The rug arrived safe and sound. It looks ... much better. You did a wonderful job getting it cleaned. Thanks.


Dear ones,

The rug is Magnificient! We love it. It could not be better with so much nap and elegant coloration.

Thanks so very much. We are blessed to have you in Tucson.

Laurie Dryden

Dear James,

Than you for your reply and expertise knowledge. It's very helpful.

Charlie Fisher
Copenhagen, Denmark


Dear Sir:

The officers and members of Desert Star wish to convey to you their sincere thanks for the great job you did cleaning and repairing our Easter Star rug. We really appreciate the care and concern you gave our rug. It was indeed a pleasure to do business with you and we will certainly recommend yo to other organizations. if we need any service in the future, we know who to turn to.

Mary Ellen Ledyard
March 20, 1995

Oct. 9, 1996

Dear Mr. Stilley,

...The oriental rug fit into our location wonderfully and the show is going very well. Thanks again for your assistance.

Mary Atherly, Curator/Registrar
Iowa State University Brunnier Museum

Thank you so much. You were very helpful.
Mary Ann Rogers

The Rug looks fantastic - good job
Maryann Phelps
Falmouth Institute


HI James,

I just spent about an hour looking at your website. It is great. It makes me want to drive to New Mexico for the Friday night auction...

Hopefully, you got a copy of my email to the seller of the transitional blanket. We will see what happens. I certainly appreciate you seasoned and expert guidance and suggestions. After reading your website I have a better understanding of your understanding...

Today I mentioned to you that I have , "the bug". I read with interest your article on care of rugs in regard to insects. I could not help but notice that you have no article referencing a cure for the collection bug!

Thanks James,

Kevin Muldoon

Aug 12,'05

thanks for your help with the Indian rug.
John Suedel


Thank you for your attention and service.
Donnie Flores

received the Germantown rug and we are very pleased
thanks to you and your staff. It can now be displayed
John Tomlin


Jim, I got the rug back, the Indian rug and it is beautiful! ...

Sandra Hickey


...Thank you again for helping! It was very professional, the service and your appraisal!
Susan Johnston


Extremely Pleased with your work--

Mrs. D.


Thanks very much, James, for taking time to respond. (So lazy lines are a good indicator of authenticity.) And for your truly excellent website. Sending my best wishes,



Hi James,

I received the rug today and I am extremely pleased with the work you did. Thank you very much.
If you ever need a reference, please feel free to contact me. And I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who needs a Navajo Rug Appraisaled.


Thanks so much for the appraisal of my Navajo rugs...
Ken Tuten


Hi Mr. Stilley,

I'm so sorry I haven't written sooner to let you know that the rug pads arrived safely. Thank you so much for sending them. I believe I will be needing a couple more smaller pads in the near future. Thank you again.
Beverly Anderson


Dear Jim,

Enclosed is my check in payment of your appraisal on my rug and re-shipping of it to the dealer.

Thank you very much for clarifying whether my Persian carpet was a genuine signed Seirafian. I am glad the many defects and findings, as well as the problems with the signature itself, made it simple for you to determine that is was not a genuine Seirafian signature, and I also appreciated knowing the true value of the rug. I believe the reason I am to receive a full refund on this carpet is because of your thorough appraisal as well as your telephone conversation with the dealer.

Please feel free to use any of this in the "testimonials" section of your website.

Thanks again. Sincerely

Mary Elynne Tappero
Tucson, AZ 85716


Thanx soooo much; can't wait to get it! Happy 2006

Betty Valenti


Thanks so much for your help!

Libby K.


Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your most impressive reply. I will do what you suggest. Thank you so much for your honesty concerning the repair. If I need any further service with tapestry's I will for sure send them to you.
My Very Best Regards,
Ron Young
Cross Lanes, West Virginia

Thank you James for your help. You are such a pleasure.

Terry Fraze


Thank you much- it looks great!

Pamela Freeman


Thanks for your time and expertise. Your thoughts were very helpful

Bradley Millikan


Dear Mr. Stilley:
...I found our conversation quite interesting and feel I received the
information and advice from you that I need to help me decide what to
do with this rug.
Thank you.
Marilyn Davis


Mr. Stilley: My rug arrived and looks fine. This has been an
interesting and informative experience for me. I've learned a lot
about Navajo rugs! So thanks.
Marilyn Davis


Many Thanks for most professional job.
Eric Petersen


Thanks Jim-
They look Great



Thanks James,
The info was quite helpful and fortified my intuition.
Stay COOL!..................Judy


Hi James! looks like Paypal will cover me on my purchase... I couldn't have done it without your help.



Thank you for the excellent service
Jeremiah Chace


Dear Jim,
Wanted to let you know that I received the rug and check was sent last week. Your wife did a really great job. Thanks much.

Dennis Brining

Thank you'all so very much for a fine job! If you'all come thru Texas, give us a call & come by.
Richard Layne


Thanks for your phone call and infor about the rug.


dear mr. stilley,
thank you very much for the excellent repair of our rug. you did a superb job.
ellen cooper


You did my rug appraisals a month or so ago. I found some information in my dad's files and thought you might be interested to know that your statement about the Persian rugs you appraised were right on. The one that listed for 6,000 on the tag was actually purchased for 1700 by my father and the one that listed for 5500 sold for 1600.

Dean Everett


I wanted to let you know that the rug arrived today. I am amazed!! You did a fantastic job. It looks so nice and you got most of the bleeding out. I never in my wildest imagination thought that you would be able to get that much out. The ends looks so naturally repaired. Thank you so much from not only myself but my family!!

Candace Gregory

October 17, 2006

Thanks for doing such a good cleaning on our rug... The rug is fairly unique and we are very happy to be able to use it.

Best regards,
Jay Chatzkel


I enjoyed talking with you about my Navajo rugs. Thank you for all the information!

Wm. C. Fuller

October 27, 2006

Dear Mr. Stilley,

Thank you for your time and effort!

Tom Hirohata


Hello Mr. Stilley,
Thanks for helping me with preserving family rugs that are being passed down. I appreciate your honesty, knowledge and fine work.

Thanks again,
Val Gordon :)

I'm cleaning up email folders, so I thought I'd let you know that the tapestry that you repaired for me is now hanging in my dining room. It looks so good and brings back many good memories of times with my grandparents.

Thanks again!
Sharon Buban

James.....Received the invoice/appraisal for my rug today. What a great job! I didn't expect anything this elaborate. If I obtain more rugs for repair you'll be my first choice. Thanks very much. Bob Staples

Thanks James...really enjoyed speaking with you and learning about the rugs...very interesting! Sending a little more than your standard rate because, worth it to me so...thanks again and cheers!
Andrew Wilbur

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about our rugs. We knew if nothing else - they were not taken care of properly. So sad. We are very happy to know their history.

I have mailed a check to you in the amount of $**.  Again, thank you so much for all of the information on the rugs, you were very kind and knowledgeable.  I have written up what you told me and have rolled and wrapped the carpets with the information.  I will take the two out periodically to enjoy them.  We have decided to give the large one made in Mexico to our cat to enjoy.  Thank you  again.  Holly DeForest.

I guess I didn't get my Antiques Roadshow moment, but it still was interesting learning about my rugs. Thanks
Penny Lester

Hello.  Thought you'd like to know how the sale went of my rugs and such.  Boy you were right about what would and what wouldn't sell... Thanks for all of your help...Sarah Poole
James,We received the rugs back today and are quite pleased... We will be sending some more rugs fairly soon.

Thanks, Larry Jones

Hi, James. I have my rug back and am attaching two pics for you. "reds***1" is a direct shot of the rug in place. "redstorm2" provides a little better idea of the setting in which the rug hangs (gloriously, i might add!).many thanks for your help! larry johnson

Hi, James. I just wanted to let you know that I'm about to put your check in the mail. I hope you were able to view the pics of the rug I emailed to you. It sure looks great! Best regards, Larry Johnson

April 14, 2007
...Thank you for your telephone call yesterday and the information about the two rugs.  We have been wondering for some time about the origin of the rugs, their age and value.
John A. Alexander

Our rug looks much better!  Thanks for your great job!
T.R. Kuntz
Dear Mr.Stilley,

Our rug looks great! ... Would you have time to clean and moth proof my other two rugs?...

Thank you,

June 22, 2007
Dear Mr. Stilley-
Thank you for your appraisal... I am so thankful we did the appraisal before we tried selling it somewhere!  It certainly clears the air!
Thanks again!

Sunny Powers

I cannot thank you enough!   Just Love your work
        Michael Taylor


Thank you for taking care of our rugs! :)
Sandra Counts


Thanks for your advice and help...

Barbra Wardle

The rug looks beautiful.  Thanks.
Betty Jo Wells
Brown Sheep Co.

Dear James Stilley and Staff,
Thank you so much for doing what you do.  Our rugs turned out great!  The cleaning brought out the variations in the yarn of each color.  The bleed our of the reds you also managed to lessen.  The rugs also seem softer than I remember.  I'm so glad we found you.  Thank you!
Beryl Van Dyck

Thank you for your help with this, Jim...
Laura Walton
August 8, 2007
Thank you so much for your expert appraisal of my Indian rugs.
VJ Vogelzang
Thank you James-----
Joe Doan
I have learned so much from your site, Thank You for the time and effort, and your extensive knowledge !.
Now I need to read read read and study my rugs to see if they are "real" Native Indian rugs...
Thank You so much for your wonderful site.

Hi Jim,
As always, thanks for the good advice! I sent it back...

Hi Jim and Ursula, ... And a special thanks for the surprise of having my saddle blanket cleaned,  moth proofed, and blocked by you... It is a perfect rectangle now and I hardly recognized it. I so appreciate all you have done to help and encourage my new found love of Navajo weaving and making it clean, moth proof, and restored. Have a great Christmas and New Year ! Kevin

Thank you Jim -
    Looks Fabulous!!

Thanks for the fine work.    Al Marro

...The rugs look great , by the way!
Thank you, Mike Reardon

May 21, 2008

Thank you both so much... The rug looks great.

Laurie Dryden

Hi James and Ursula,

I've been enjoying my recently transformed Navajo weavings that you had ready for me this week. The wearing blanket is especially remarkable. When I bought it (without seeing it in person) it was described and presented in the ad as being in excellent condition. Perhaps it was, for its age... It looked pretty sad when I brought it to you with snags and of course there were several areas of pretty severe soiling. Overall it was what I would call dingy. Not any more!

Thanks for bringing it back to life. It has a subtle beauty again. I would not have collected about 30 weavings by now if I couldn't have you do you moth proofing. Now, I can relax knowing that the abuse of the past that some of these have experienced will not happen while these are under my watch. The old double saddle blanket looks wonderful on my floor without the orange dye bleed issues that it had when I bought it. You two work magic!

Thanks again,
Kevin Muldoon

June 07,2008, from a blog
We brought a small rug...  It had some dry rot in the cotton part of the weave and was splitting a bit, so local Tucson oriental rug craftsman James Stilley cleaned it up and stabilized it for us.  The rug looks beautiful, but honestly my favorite part of the whole thing was seeing his workshop.  It's a big empty warehouse room and it's packed floor to tall, tall ceiling with hundreds of cubby holes full of yarns.  They're arranged in a spectrum so that each is only slightly different from the yarn next to it.  Like a suffocating, expanding rainbow of softness, I'm still not sure why, but it was deeply satisfying to look at.
Thanks James.

HI---I just received the rug you cleaned and repaired and it is beautiful, thank you.  I'm going to send another one to you for cleaning, there is no repair on this one.
I'll just put the info. in with the rug as before.

                                        Thank you---Julie Woodworth

Thank you for the recent verbal appraisal and description of the rug I have...

      Thanks for taking such good care of our rugs & letting them take up so much space - You do great work.
Alan Kinsolving

Thank you!
      I hope we can do business again!

         For The Quick Service!
D..... Abernathy

Thank you so much for your very informative call. We will keep your information in our family files and will give serious consideration to eventually having the rug restored... and when we do, we will contact you.

Thanks again for a very interesting history lesson.
JoAnn Wallace

Thank you for your time and expert opinions.
Chris Perkins.

March 17. 2009
Dear Mr. Stilley:

Enclosed please find a check in the amount of *** for your verbal appraisal of the 8 rugs from the photos I sent.
Even though it wasn't the find of the century worth of an Antiques Roadshow cameo, I appreciate the information you provided.  It helped settle some nagging questions I had about the rugs as well as helping to evaluate potiential assets for my father. 
Thank you for sharing your time and expertise.

Doug Fey

Last Monday my wife and I came in and spent a great deal of time visiting with you and learning about your amazing business there.  You were both so very generous with your time in answering our questions and sharing some of the amazing stories that your work has given you.  Now back at home in Oregon, we look back at that visit as truly one of the highlights of our brief time in Arizona.  Thank you for the incredible work you do and for your kind welcome.
Bryan and Kimella

Dear Jim,
Thank you again for your time and all the information you have shared with us...  Your invitation to visit us in Oregon still stands!
Linda and Dave

We thank you so much for the wonderful repair and cleaning of our Navajo rug.  It was certainly "worth the trip" to Tucson to meet you and absorb a small amount of your vast knowledge.
Thank you.

Jim, Thank you for your verbal appraisal - It's greatly appreciated.
D. Harper
Jim, thanks for taking the time to promptly get back to me to discuss my Navajo rug. I appreciate your help in satisfying my curiosity. I think I will even look at JB Moore catalogs and other source material to gain a better sense of the history.

Thanks again!  Mark C. Stoldt

Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Bill Irving
Thanks so much for your help----
Marty & Andrea
Thanks for your counsel!
Holly Ratcliff

Sunday, October 25, 2009.
Dear Jim and Ursula,
      Enclosed is a check from my mother for the work on the rugs and pads.  She was so pleased with the results, so happy to have them back and looking almost new and so pleasantly surprised (bowled over actually) by the price that she insisted on including a $50 tip... So have dinner at Janos! ;>)
Mark T. Bahti
Bahti Indian Arts
119 E. Palace
Santa Fe, NM 87501

James (and Mrs. Stilley)
Thank you so much. I am happy to have it back and repaired!
Happy Thanksgiving-
Brenda Senturia

Dear Jim,
...You were terrific and did a first-class job on your presentation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This hideous experience improved a wee bit when you helped me ... you have been a bright light.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Cynthis F.

May 22, 2010
Dear Sir,

As usual, I am greatly impressed with the service you render each time I do business with you.  I have had several opportunities to recommend you to others and can say that they too find you very good to deal with.
Duane Hogue

May 24 2010
Thank you for cleanng, mothproofing and verbal appraisal of our Navajo rug.  It looks much nicer and sharper in color now.  ...Thank you for your services, we are pleased,
Sharron F

Hi James and Ursula,
Thanks for getting all the weavings looking their best! ...  Since I'm actually selling the weavings on a regular basis not, it is very helpful to get everything cleaned, mothproofed and repaired...
I enjoy the part of my life that has to do with Navajo weavings and you both make that even more wonderful, Thank you!

Got my rug back and it looks great.  Thanks so much!!
Nancy D
Nashville, TN

We have received the rug and are very happy with your work!!
Many thanks and a Happy new Year!!
John & Sue Hassell

Hi James,

First, let me congratulate you on your research and recent discovery of the whereabouts of your old friend J. B. Moore! I know you have been preoccupied with this mystery for years and you are now (along with the two guys in Australia) in a rare club with only few members.
Your talk was a little different and well received. Rather than rattle off a simple history or technical survey, you wove a very intriguing and sometimes humorous tale. I have a much better perspective on many aspects of your topic today. Thank you very much.
I was also impressed that your message was entirely non-commercial. I have attended so many lectures at WNPA that are the opposite. James, you at one point claimed, "I'm no historian". I know better and it was enjoyable to demonstrate that you are.
The lady with the Yei weaving was next in line to tal to you when my Mom and I left. As she paid so much for it in Santa Fe, I'm sure that you found a way to let her down easy.

Thanks for a wonderful talk James!

Kevin Muldoon

Hi James,
Thank you for providing the verbal appraisal on my Navajo rugs. I also enjoyed the history lesson!
Edie Sipe

Hello James, ...boy, did you hit the nail on the head!!! already have 25 watchers, requests for more photos, and questions about the blanket.  As of 8:30 this morning, I've received 4 offers, the best being $3500, so its going pretty good till now.  I wanted to thatnk you for the nice conversation yesterday, it was very informative... thanks gain, Joe
Thank-you so much for taking the time to explain all the information on the rugs to me.

Thank you for the great service!
Win Dawson

Thank you for hte quick & thorough verbal appraisals of my mother-in-law's estate.
Maggie Probst
Thank you so much for the expertise.  I appreciate your suggesting the verbal vs written appraisal.
Mona Perrault

August 26, 2011
great job---
thanks for the awesome care.

The Gordons

Dear Mr. Stilley - The rug arrived today, and we are very pleased with your work. Thank you!
Claire Hanson

Thanks for doing our rugs again and so quickly. It was great to visit with you both. Have a good week ahead.

Laura Ginger

Mr. Stilley - The rug arrived several weeks ago and it looks great. We vacuumed and sprayed the other 7 rugs that are here in Florida, and they are hanging again on the walls looking good. In later March we will be in Colorado and will vacuum the rugs there again and treat them with another packet of the moth proofing powder - will ship that out there with the empty spray bottle, which will be very convenient. I think we are all set for now, at least I hope we don't find any "evidence" in Colorado! Thank you again for your excellent work. We'll keep your info at hand for the future!

-Claire and Howard Hanson

Hi -

Just wanted to let you know the rug arrived safely on Monday. It looks great! You're right - I like this better, and the end fringe is so much more manageable. Thanks so much.

I was duly impressed with the packaging! Every time I thought I would finally get to unroll the rug, there was another layer to go through! :0 lol J Now, if I ever need to ship you a rug, I'll know how it is SUPPOSED to be wrapped!

Thanks again

Carol & Fritz Skinner

Many thanks for your fine service.
Joyce Tracy
14 May 12
Thanks for the information. Very helpful.
Thank you for the information on my Indian blanket.  I hope to get out to Arizona & New Mexico sometime in the future.
Ray Byers
Thank you for your great service and customer service. It seems a shame not to have my rugs out so they can be seen and enjoyed daily. Your advice is appreciated and I'll let you know soon re:appraisal.. They are out & visible! - Lori
June 4
Enclosed is your check for the rug cleaning and shipping.  It arrived not long ago and looks wonderful under our dining room table!
Thanks so much-

Thanks James
I appreciate the referral.
We really enjoyed the call with you.  The information confirmed out thoughts on value and market conditions.  What we found more gratifying is the history and background you provided us.  Thank you.

Roger Early

Great Job,
Terry DeWald

Note from Marie Pretaer:

Thank you so much for taking the time to research our rugs for us. If either of my sisters have questions, we will definitely let you know. Thanks again!

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for taking good care of my beautiful Navajo rug.
N. Silverstone

Hi James,
Thanks for the rugs, it's a joy to see the brighter colours and lack of smell!! We are very pleased with them and are setting out today to find some 2" Velcro!! ...

Thanks again, Joan
My sister has already received the rugs and is thrilled with them. Thank you so much for taking such great care of them and sending them on to her.

Kindest regards,
Mardi Pomeroy

Thank you for the information -- Have some happy holidays and a great new year>

Thanks so much for the the information about our two rugs.  I am inspired to do some additional reading.
Cordially, Karen Celo
Thank you for your help. We'll bring you all our future rug business!
John Knight
Thank you for your help.
Mary Pritchard

Hey Jim - ...And thanks for sending the rugs - clean!

Thank you.  Rug looks great!!
Joy Taylor
Thank you!  I'll send you another rug in Sept.
Leslie Purdy
Laura Dryden
Thank you.  A good letter. I can't thank you enough for your very complete and comprehensive analyses. You have helped me a great deal because I did I did not know where to turn for help on selling the 2 rugs.  I will highly recommend your services.  And should in the future we need help on rugs we will enlist your services.  Thank you.   Herb Zuhl 


When I had the very specialized need to clean and de-moth an antique hand woven Navajo indian rug I really had little hope past taking it to a dry cleaner and hoping for the best. BUT through a little internet searching such specialty services really do exist and I was very fortunate to somehow get my rug all the way from my Navy duty station in Spain to the expert care of James at Navajo Rug Appraisal.

This odyssey started when I had to return early to San Diego early for Navy orders and once I left my rug was tossed in the garage by a family member (who will remain nameless). When I came back six months later and didn't see it on the wall I said No problem, it's in the garage (and we even put it in a trash bag !!)
Well, it wasn't "OK." It had serious moth damage (being 100% wool). I actually pulled out moth pupae carcasses from the weave ! I frantically sought what to do......and found the immediate thing was deep freezing for 72 hours to kill eggs.

I then found a restorer in Arizona who I sent it to, however she deemed the rug irreparable (i.e., re-weaving damaged zones), but if I could live with the slight damage she'd take it to James at Navajo Rug Appraisal for cleaning and moth-proofing, so off it went in the mail.
Upon receipt James got right back to me with a reasonable professional hand cleaning quote (thank god I bypassed the temptation to take to a dry cleaner) with specialty chemicals that wouldn't destroy the yarn dye colors. I also asked for an extra service of professional re-mounting with the best side up . His associate did some simple velcro stripping on a new mounting board and shipped it out to me for a fast UPS delivery here in San Diego. It's now the centerpiece of my living room and the moth "stress" gives it a bit of "character" for its more than 80-year age.


David W.


Good Morning Mr. Stilley,

I received the rug yesterday, Saturday. I cannot believe how gorgeous the ends
are. No one, even me would know they were coming apart. Please thank your
wife for the unbelievable job.

The original one this is a copy of has a place in the middle of it where a mouse
must have chewed on it. It was been patched very badly. It is woven by the
Indians also but with their kind of yarn, natural died and very heavy. If I come
to Tucson to visit a friend, I might bring it along and have your wife see if she
could also repair it and no one would even be able to tell.

Many thanks. The wait was worth it.

Julia M. Johnson

Good Morning Ursula - thank you so much for repairing the beautiful Navajo Ganado Red rug...your work is excellent and precise. Thanks again. I very much appreciate it!

John Giovando

June 2, 2014
Pleasure to speak with you I enjoyed it and will be hanging onto my rug. Thanks for your time!
Wendi Nelson
June 2, 2014
Hello James~ The textiles arrived today and I'm very happy with them. Thanks for doing such a great job! I appreciate it! Steve Curtis

Dear Mr. Stilley,

My rug arrived today and I just wanted to thank you again for doing such an excellent job with the repair and cleaning.  It is beautiful! 

Did you say it was called "French Baroque" motif, from Kerman?  Also, do you think it was made in the 40s or 50s?  I need to keep better records of my rugs and will appreciate any information you can give me.  By the way, I think I have the small rug you remember my Grandma ... bringing in to show you ... I'll have to take a picture and send it to see if you remember! 

Once again, I am very grateful to have been able to meet you and entrust you with a rug that has so many special, family memories.

Take care.


Vickie Emad
Hi Jim, I just saw the rug -- it looks great!!  Thanks so much for repairing and cleaning it for us! Regards, Donna Mikelson

We received your appraisals today, Thank you very much. They are very nice and extremely professional.
We will stop by and say hi the next time we are in town.
Best regards, Joe and Tryn

Thanks again Jim and Ursula for all the great (very professional work) you have done for our weavings.
We really love them and are very happy to have them back home.
Best regards, Joe

Thanks so much for the information on my rugs. I appreciate your views concerning the sale of same - and the history lesson.  Most interesting!
Best regards,
Wow! What a difference a bath makes! I knew it was dirty when I brought it in, but didn't realize it was that dirty.  Thanks.
G. W. Stuart
Thank you so much. Rug looks great. Have a wonderful holiday and New Year.
Terri Rose

Hello!I called the P.O. and had them hold delivering my rug due to the amount of snow so they might not be able to get to my house to deliver it.  They held it.  I picked it up
yesterday and it is just like I wanted it!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.     I'll either call you today and give you my Visa card number or send you a check.  Many many thanks.  Julia

Thank you ever so much.
Julia Johnson

The zapotec gray rug arrived today.  We are very pleased with the excellent job you have done in fixing the ends with the binding.  Thank you!

Susan Kreiger

Thanks - the rug looks so much better and smells better too!
I appreciate your hard work.
Debi Lawrence

We received the yellow Yei rug yesterday.  It looks great, better than expected--thank you very much.
John Akolt

Your wife did a super job on the belt. Thanks for all the good work.
Keith Runion
Hi James,
I sold the Mahal carpet on Ebay, most likely because of the great appraisal you provided...
Nancy Downey
Hi James,
I picked up the last rug today.  It looks great...
Thank you,
Christine Fairbanks

September 19, 2015
Dear James,
My husband and I agree that your kind attention, time and various attempts to clean the gook of my rug, you deserve considerably more... Enclosed is my check for **** - it is the figure Dick and I both thought of.  Many thanks.

Alice Batchelor

September 21, 2015
Dear James,
Thank you for the great job on myu C1920 Two Gray Hills Navajo rug.  I plan to send another rug after the first of the New Year.
Dave Riske

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Stilley
On behalf of my wife, who is in India now, we would like to thank you for the work you did on the 3 miniature rugs...
Larry Jack & Ruth Senturi

Thank you very much - Rug arrived safely.  Regards also from Jane Curten
Dave Mack
...I can't thank you enough for the work you did for me.
My best...Patricia Cowan

I deeply appreciate the help and advise you've given me in the past.  I also regret that I am not planning on being in Tucson during your sale days however I will be in Tucson next Wed.
Thank you and we wish you the best...
Ruth Martin

Jim- Many thanks
Brenda Senturia

May 19, 2016
We appreciated your knowledge.
Bev Scott

Just wanted to thank you for your insightful apraisal of the yei rug. I knew it was a nice rug but wasn't sure of it's age.
I expect to bring more business your direction.
Bart T.

Thanks, Jim
Paul Rubin

Thank you for the description of my two Navajo rugs.  Your expertise is very much appreciated.

Sue Geisler

Thanks for your help appraising the rug.  I enjoyed the detailed history.  It was very interesting.
Rick Cooper

Thank you for your assistance.
Barry Miller

'Enjoyed speaking with you.  Thanks
Beth Case

Thank you so much for all the information. You were very helpful.
Cathy Chamberlain

It was very nice to talk to you and my husband and I learned a lot.

Sandra McGee

Dear James,
Thank you so much for this information and the wonderful lesson in Navajo rug history.  I appreciate your help and will contact you if I have further questions.
Thank you again it was wonderful speaking with you.
Karen Elem
Thank you for your appraisal of our Navajo rug. It's great to know the story behind it!
Kay Henshaw
re: website.  Thank you so much for this information. So much in one place and a handy guide for a trip that I will make...I purchase a real Navajo rug.  Thank you once again.

Thanks Jim!
It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Your obvious depth-of-knowledge is confidence inspiring!  Hope to speak with you again, at some point.
Best regards,
R. Purvis

Hi James,
Thanks for everything.  I will sleep well.

Hi James

Thank you very much for your service today appraising a 1930 Navajo Grey Hills rug that I was considering to purchase.  Your expert experience, knowledge and advice saved me about $2,500.00.  The store that was selling it was asking for twice it's value.  It is usually a very good store so I believe they didn't understand Navajo rugs and simply guessed it's value; which turned out to be 2x too much.  You took the time to educate me on the history, techniques and quality which has given me the tools I need to search for authenticity and understand that the value should be assessed with extra caution and thought.  I will call you in the future before I make a purchase and will keep searching for the Navajo rug that inspires me!  Thank you again for your help!

L.M. (California)
Thank you Jim for fitting me in.  Wonderful to hear about our rug.
All the best,
Julie Jones

Dear James,
Thank you so much for all the hard work on the rug/blanket appraisal.  On behalf of my family and myself, I sincerely appreciate all you did.  I also appreciate your professional promptness.  I really love knowing some of the circumstances surrounding this piece.  We'll contact you again if we think a formal (written) appraisal is needed.
Thank you--
Charisse A___ght


Thank you for looking at the photo and giving an appraisal.  When I can , I'll take photos of the 4 I have here.
Thank you,
Dee Mehl

You are very knowledgeable, and you were most helpful.  You answered all my questions and should I need rug evaluations in the future, we will speak again.


James... Thank you for all the information ont my 2 "Gallup Throws"  it was appreciated.
Paul Peters

Thank you...I appreciate it.  I donated the rugs to the local Habitat for Humanity.  One of the volunteers is a recipient of one of their new houses, and she bought on on the spot.  She was thrilled, and also excited to get the information you had told me.

As one of those weird coincidences, there was an Iranian family ther at the time, and they recognized the rugs (as being from Iran, but not any more detail than that).  They were quite interested.

While you dashed my Antique Roadshow fantasy, it was nice to learn a bit about them, and also nice to not have to worry about getting them out of the house while trying to move!  While there was some sentimental value, I'm glad someone is now excited about having at least one of them!

C. Brown

Great knowledge and clear information about my old Navajo rug.  Very detailed and answered all my questions.  He even validated an old family story about one of the rug's origins!
Jeff Brown (via Square feedback)

Hello James,
We just got off the phone but I wanted to thank you again for the awesome appraisal information for my two Navajo rugs.  You are a font of knowledge and a very pleasant person to talk with.  The $ for the verbal appraisal may be the best deal I've ever gotten.
Take care of yourself,

Dear Mr. Stilley,

I want to thank you for your information and very professional services.

Although you did not think that your information was very helpful, it really was.  As we began to research ikat we realized that these blankets were probably not Indonesian as they were most definitely wool...

...we really think that they are Mapuchu cloth blankets.

Just thought you might be interested.  Thanks again.

Barbara Hallett

Good evening James,

I want to thank you for your help and interesting inforamtion you gave us on our Navajo Rugs and the Oriental rug.  I'm soory they aren't more valuable but they are still special to us since they were my parents and they enjoybed them very much.  They have been in our family for many years not.  I'm sure that is the reason for the condition they are in but we did try to take care of them over the years.  Thanks again for your help.  We really enjoyed talking to you and learning some interesting information.
I hope you have a good rest of 2018.
Mary Anna

Very informative and worthwhile.  Highly recommended.
J. Replinger via Square
Hi, Thanks for all your help and history on these rugs as I really appreciate it.
Jeff Swanson


Thank you so much for the info... I will automatically recommend they connect with you.
Bob Wear

Square Feedback:

James has the expert knowledge combined with a folksy bedside manner that provides a very enjoyable professional experience.  Money and time well invested!  Thank you.

Thanks for the help with the two Navajo rugs.
Russ Leavitt

Great job explaining the authenticity of the rug.  Thank you
D. Tiley

Thanks again for recommending Ebie.  He did a phonomenal job cleaning the rug, but more importantly he's just a kind, wonderful man-so enjoyed meeting him!
Hope all is well with you and yours.

Diane Prater

Good morning James,
I received your appraisal the other day; thank you for your work...
Again, thank you.
Ben Conley

Thank you for sharing all that interesting background information.  Those rugs have mor meanng now.
Carol Jennings

Well, James, with the fascinating tale you told me of John Bradford Moore, the geneaologist in me set out to do this research.  I am attaching those items.

Thanks for your help and the interesting analysis.  I had no idea that the rugs were as old as you found.  Incidentally, the reason they are in such bad condition is that my parents put them in my room when I was 5 years old.  I was probably I who mangled them.

Alan Gass


...It was a pleasure to contact you and giving us your feedback on our rug.
Again thank you


Thanks so much for the great information. I really appreciate it. The history is fascinating. I'm going to do some reading to learn more about the Red Mesa rug era and Harriet Peabody. It will be fun to see how much we can get for it when my sisters and I decide what to do with it.
Jane Quinn

Hi Jim, Thank U for your continued assistance.  Best wishes.
Sincerely, Mark S.

Hi James, I received the written appraisal yesterday. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. It is nice to learn a little more about an itme that has been in my family for a while...
Best, Ian

Square Feedback:

Friendly and very helpful!

Good morning:
Thank you so much! I will research and start using those rugs! Double thanks for the referrals.
Sincerly, Sharon Coolidge

James, Thank you for your time. I hope some day when I make a venture to Tucson, we'll have that cup of coffeee. I appreciate your time. I will share your e-mail with the auction company...
Best Regards,

Square Feedback:
Thanks, James,
We really enjoyed your visit and all you expertise. Thank you so much.
Jame Humphrey



...It was a pleasure to contact you and giving us your feedback on our rug.
Again thank you



Thank you so much for your time yesterday, James. I enjoyed talking to you about my Dad's blanket! And I SO appreciate you giving me information... Thanks again and have a good weekend! 



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